responsive site v.s. mobile coupon site

Untitled-1 Notice the difference between the 2 sites? The responsive mobile site has the same info as the desktop site, and the mobile coupon site only includes a logo, share icons, and a coupon (When you scroll down there are maps of locations, and button/link that goes to the full responsive site). The question is, which is going to have higher conversion rates, will the print coupon on the responsive site be found and redeemed more vs the mobile coupon specific site? Or will the mobile coupon site simply increase views on the responsive site? And which site will generate more phone calls?

The mobile site that was specifically designed to gather users data in exchange for a coupon had a 55% conversion rate. The study showed that the responsive mobile site didn’t increase conversions at all, and the mobile coupon site increased actual calls to the restaurant 10 to 1. The mobile coupon site didn’t increase leads to the responsive site either; only 2 users were directed to the responsive site from the coupon site. The coupon site served one purpose, which is to gather leads, and it did a good job of doing that. Unlike the printable coupon found on the responsive site, the mobile coupon gathered a list of phone numbers of everyone who claimed the coupon.


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